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Jerrod Niemann Collaborates on “South City Midnight Lady”

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Pat Simmons is just an American icon when it comes to songwriters, so just to be able to sing a song by him is exciting… I’m sure some people have made some good love to ‘South City Midnight Lady.’” – Jerrod Niemann

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The Train Keeps Runnin’ with Toby Keith

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Toby Keith joined the Doobie Brothers in the studio for their classic “Long Train Runnin.” See what Roughstock had to say about the collaboration HERE


Charlie Worsham

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“Music really does serve a purpose, and the Doobie Brothers always use that as their compass.” -Charlie Worsham

Charlie joins the Doobies for a new rendition of “Nobody” on Southbound. Click here to watch the behind-the-scenes video on YouTube!

Doobie Brothers head Southbound with Billboard


“Getting to work with these artists is kind of fascinating…they are making the songs new again.” – Doobie Brothers

Find out what the artists featured on Southbound have to say about working with the Doobie Brothers on

Read more and watch the video HERE:  Exclusive Video: Inside the Making of the Doobie Brothers ‘Southbound’ Album Featuring Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band and More

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Go Behind the Scenes With Love And Theft and the Doobie Brothers

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“Country music fans are currently a-buzz this fall about a very special tribute album:Southbound, which features some of country music’s biggest stars teaming with the iconic Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald for all-new recordings of the band’s classic hits.”

Read more & watch the video here:

The Doobie Brothers inducted into the IEBA Hall Of Fame

The Doobie Brothers recently rocked the September 30 IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Association) Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame CMA Theatre. They are the first rock band to be inducted into IEBA’s Hall of Fame.

Tom Johnston speaks during the ceremony

Patrick Simmons speaks during the ceremony

IEBA 2014 Conference - Day 4

Honored alongside their longtime manager, Bruce Cohn, the band was feted on-screen by several artists featured on their upcoming “Southbound” collaboration album and in-person by the incomparable Vince Gill. To the surprise and thrill of the industry-only crowd, the band then performed a rousing three-song set, culminating in an extended standing ovation.

IEBA 2014 Conference - Day 4

Congratulations to The Doobie Brothers and Bruce!

IEBA 2014 Conference - Day 4

Chris Young talks about “China Grove” with the Doobie Brothers.


“There’s just something about that chorus that just always made you want to sing along with it….” Check out what else Chris Young has to say about recording the Doobie Brothers’ classic “China Grove.”

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“Black Water” The Doobie Brothers with Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown talks about his experience recording “Black Water” with the Doobie Brothers.

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Zac Brown: The Doobie Brothers are one of my all-time favorite bands. It is an honor to get to play along with them on one of their tracks.

Zac: We jumped at the chance to record with The Doobie Brothers. We fought for the opportunity to do the classic, which is “Black Water.” I have seen a lot of people, including myself; make a lot of tip money because of “Black Water,” so, this is a full circle moment!

Zac: It’s a privilege to get to play with them on this song. To collaborate and recreate this iconic song is just an amazing moment as an artist. As a new generation vocal band, it is an absolute honor to get to play with them. Their vocals are undeniable.

Zac: They mean a lot to me as a band. I grew up listening to all the great 70s bands. When you think about iconic bands… they are definitely one of them.

John Driskell Hopkins (guitar, bass, Uke, Vocals ZBB): The Doobie Brothers project is bad ass! That is exactly why I wanted to be a part of it.

John: Their harmonies are so outstanding. Best harmony group of all time. The neatest thing about “Black Water” is that cool round at the end. (sings a bit of it) Its creative and brilliant!

John: You can’t listen to The Doobie Brothers and not want to move. As a musician, the way they craft the groove is second to none. They have always been in my conscious. For a long time I have learned, studied and respected what their impact on music is. What an amazing legacy this band has given music! I have a general respect for them. I will never lose it.

Jimmy DeMartini (fiddle for ZBB): I think The Doobie Brothers should be remembered as one of the best American rock bands of all time. Their harmony, the vocals, their songwriting….just incredible musicianship.

Jimmy: Its cool for me because “Black Water” has such cool fiddle parts and that is me. It is swampy and cool…not quite country, so it is right up our ally. One of my favorite parts of the song is that the fiddle trades with the accoustic guitar. Everyone knows that part and can sing along!

Clay Cook (guitar, vocals, mando, organ, ZBB): I feel like we are distant soul mates with The Doobie Brothers. There are such great harmonies and great instrumentation in their music. There is little country and little rock ‘n roll. It is funky. It is what we are… just a few decades later.

Clay: I’m a big fan of all the different phases of the Doobie Brothers. They influence my music in how they layer. It is not necessarily a formula. It is just how the cake batter makes the cake….

Clay: The Doobie Brother’s influence on today’s country music is evident in a lot of the guitar parts that you hear on today’s country [recordings].

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