Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald Record New Country Album with Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and more…

doobie-brothers-others-perform-smn-boat-show-650-430The Doobie Brothers have been hard at work on a country release featuring artists including Brad Paisely, Sara Evans, Zac Brown Band, Toby Keith, Chris Young, Love and Theft, and more. Read the full story at Billboard.


  1. The book continues to be written, decade after decade of great music – thanks. Long Train Runnin’ might be the most covered song on the web these days.

  2. Glad to hear this is finally a realty and I can’t wait to “Listen to the Music” !

    Tom, Pat and John, you and your band mates are the absolute best!

    Can’t wait,

  3. This news has me torn. On the one hand, I’m always happy when the Doobies release something new. On the other hand, I’m not much of a fan of most “modern country”, (though I will admit to liking Brad Paisley & Zac Brown to an extent), even if I can see where the Doobies sound can & likely will merge well with the aforementioned artists. Finally, I’m always leery of tribute or cover albums as that’s always smacked of an artist being musically bankrupt to me & simply treading water to sell product.

    I know I’ll get the album when it’s released & I really hope to enjoy it more than I think I might at this time. Color me interested but skeptical right now.

  4. you gentlemen are the absolute best when it comes to great modern music..I have seen you several times and you continue to amaze me
    rock on gents

  5. Great News !!! This is wonderful to hear the Doobie Brothers creating music with all of these talented artists and are doing a new Country Album, featuring so many great songs. I can’t wait for the release and all the fun it will create for all music fans. Tom, Pat and John, sounds like you are all having fun with this and great to know Michael is a part of it. It is all about the music and what a way to continue this epic journey.

  6. YYYAAAAAaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! See ya soon at Bluesfest in Byron. Just polishing up me sparkly sneakers ready for a megabop now ;-D

  7. It will be interesting to hear this album. Mark’s comment makes a point. If this is a project that is just slapped together that will be self evident. Vocals and guitar parts just mailed in. On the other hand it could be about musicians coming together in a creative process to truly honor our Doobies. It would be great if John Cowan’s Nashville connections, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglass among others were along for the ride. It would also be awesome for the Doobies to play some roots festivals with these guys. What do you say guys?

  8. The answer to the question ” What is hip? ” is Marc Russo.

  9. This seems like a natural progression to me. Many of Pat’s songs lend themselves to more of a country style. After “Steamer Lane Breakdown” appeared on “Minute by Minute” I wondered if they would gravitate a little more to a country sound. John’s pedal steel guuitar and fiddle styles have always added a little country to many of the songs. I’m for hearing freshened-up versions of some of their old favorites. As for the band being “bankrupt” for material, I think “World Gone Crazy” dispels that thought. I can’t wait to hear what they will play with Zac Brown as he is a huge talent and plays much more than country music. Jimmy Buffett teamed up with country artists a few years back and it only added to his popularity and certainly got him radio air time which, other than “Margaritaville”, he never really had. I’m glad if this opportunity opens the Doobies to a new fan base. I do think they will need to right producer to get it right.

  10. I first heard the Doobie Brothers in concert in 1973. A “few” years passed and it was 2010. Off to the show. This time with my son, who wanted to see a real guitar hero rather than just play a game of that title. When they come back to town in 2014 I am sure they will demonstrate the same passion, talent and JOY for music that they always have exhibited, regardless of who plays along with them. Thank you for more than showing up to do your job, fellows. It is obvious you love what you do.

  11. “World Gone Crazy” is indeed a great album, but it was also released four years ago, & was the first album of new material by the band in ten years, when the, shall we say less than stellar musically, “Sibling Rivalry” was unleashed. Prior to that, you have to go back nine years, to 1991, for the last release of new material from the Doobies. That speaks of a worrisome trend as to material, (at least of what the band may feel is quality), & a slight correction here; one can have plenty of new material to fall back on & still be musically/creatively bankrupt. It’s about more than the songs, it’s about the entire musical package.

    That said I agree that having the right producer is paramount, as is evidenced by the self produced “Sibling Rivalry” compared to the far superior “World Gone Crazy”. Having Ted Templeman back in the producers chair & a much more solid group of songs made a vast & major difference there & it showed.

    Yes, the Doobies have always had country influences, (among many others), in their work, dating back well before “Steamer Lane Breakdown” on “Minute By Minute”. In fact one of my all time favorite songs of theirs is the very country “Texas Lullaby” from “Stampede”, (speaking of steel playing, props go to Skunk on that song!), so I am well aware of this aspect of their rich history. It’s the concept that I find worrying, as so many rock artists have jumped on the tribute/do an album of covers of others songs/cover your old songs with new guests, (especially with modern country artists), in the past ten or so years that it does have the whiff of creative bankruptcy. I hope I’m wrong & I am looking forward to the album & will buy it when it’s released.

    Some closing thoughts here however; Pat’s primary influences were folk & acoustic blues, where Tommy’s were electric blues, R&B & soul, & both have admited to a love of groups like the Isley Brothers, writing one song in their style, (“You Just Can’t Stop It”), & covering an Isley’s song, (“Need A Little Taste Of Love”),, plus Tommy is on record as saying that “Song To See You Through” is an Otis redding/Stax records style tribute, so if they’re going to do a theme album, why not reach back to their R&B & blues roots for that? BB King, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray & many others are out there to collaborate with. Heck, Tommy even expressed admiration in an interview for Cee-Lo’s “F___ You”, which has a classic Motown/Philly Soul style groove, so why not a collaboration with him or the wonderfully enigmatic neo-soul group Quadron? Working with people like that you can not only expand your audience, (lets face it; so many fans of modern country are old rockers that felt left out as rock did change from what they found comforting, so audience expansion there may not be as great as expected. Heck I’m 52, orew up on the Doobies of course, & my wife is 32 & was very familiar with them when we met, & she’s the prime age for that audience), & you get to work with artists of similar influences but outside of what mat be your comfort zone, which as to expand your creativity. Plus, you get to do something unexpected, which tends to get noticed more than anything else.

  12. After a through compilation and analysis of all available video data it is my subjective opinion ( redundant ) that the Vina Robles Winery show in Paso Robles California was the best. ( all top shelf performances ) The crowd/band combo was tops. 2014 – Let’s Roll – Yee-Haw! Thank you

  13. @ Thomas – 2013 data.

  14. Y’all need to read the new article in Billboard where Michael McDonald talks about the upcoming album. It’s eased most of the concerns I have about this release, as it seems there’s some creative thinking about the musical pairings planned. I still have reservations, because I do worry that it’s going to be like when they did CMT’s “Crossroads” with Luke Bryan; it wasn’t bad by any means, but neither the Doobs nor Luke brought anything new to the table. He sang on their songs, they sang on his. Pleasant enough for what it was, but hardly breaking new ground. I will say the interview segments with Tom, Pat & Luke were illuminating as they sat around talking however.

  15. Long time Doobie fans, who know and love the deep cuts too, would like to see what happens if those great songs got the attention they deserve. Everytime i go to a Doobie show I wait with eager anticipation to hear the “other” songs. Maybe you could release a live retrospective album of those songs compilied over the years. Surely there is an archive of of material to choose from. What do you say Doobies? Its gotta happen cuz you know”You Know You just Can’t Stop it”

  16. Dave that would be a great idea! I know from some other fan club members that the band has a large amount of unheard music & unseen footage. Some of it has been released recently, such as the bonus DVD with some versions of “World Gone Crazy”, the DVD history “Let The Music Play”, the CD of demos & such in the “Long Train Running” box set, (in fact the info I got from those in the know said there was much more never heard after the box set was released), & the CD/DVD of the final concert of the Farewell Tour in 1982. The tantalizing clips of the band in concert with Tommy & Jeff from the 70′s on the DVD history only whets my appetite.

    I’m sure there’s one or more complete concerts, (audio or video), from the 70′s in their archives, it’s time for them to do what the Allman Brothers Band & the Greatful Dead have done for years, start releasing archival concert CD’s. Heck, even the Rolling Stones are doing much the same, with archival CD’s & digital downloads of vintage concerts.

    More modern bands are doing this already. Just a few weeks after attending the Black Crowes concert in Council Bluffs IA last June, I was able to download the entire show for just a few bucks. I can think of three of the many Doobies concerts I’ve attended over the years I’d give my left arm to have, the December 1978 show in Charlotte NC & the August 1989 & August 1991 shows also in Charlotte & I’m left handed!

  17. Which songs made up the live set before they had a dozen hits?

    In recent years I’ve heard Down in the Tracks, Double Dealin Four Flusher, Excited, This Train I’m On, Showdown, and several more deep cuts at the live show. I hope the Doobies keep Eyes of Silver and Depending On You in the set list this summer. Missed the tour last year. Won’t do that again!!

    Keep Road Angel too but play another 10 minutes and bring back a Without You jam.

  18. @ Dave – I saw them @ Winterland in 72 they opened with ” Listen To The Music” and played the entire “Toulouse St”. album, in 73 they started playing ” Listen” last and they played the entire ” The Captain And Me” album – 74 – “Vices” and so-on.

  19. I remember Pat and Jeff just killin’ it in the pouring rain at Oakland Stadium playing ” Reelin’ In The Years ” ( Doobie Dan? ) Thank you

  20. Everytime I listen to the title track from The Captain and Me I’m amazed the song didn’t get more attention over the years. When i listen to it now, today’s jam bands come to mind. I imagine an extended live version…… off the charts!

    So much great music and so little time.


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