Doobie Brothers Inducted into Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame

Thanks to a huge turnout from their online fanbase, the Doobie Brothers have won all rounds of voting and have been inducted into the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame. Read more here.

The Doobie Brothers would like to thank their fans for their ongoing support!

Doobie Brothers Inducted into Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame


  1. Go The Doobies!! Now we want to see you inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Auckland NZ in April this year.
    Enjoy your New Year and travel safe.

  2. Well deserved. The fans know what they like and how much the Doobie Brothers have given us over the years. We love you all, past and present members.

  3. It is a Crazy World you weren’t inducted earlier.

  4. Can the Fan Club make a push to get The Doobie Brothers into the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? With the support shown from the fans in the recent monthly Ultimate Hall of Fame vote, it’s a good time to organize for this effort. The Doobies have been overlooked for too long. Let’s honor them for the quality and longevity of the excellent music they have given us! Do it now!

  5. No……It’s a World Gone Crazy, lol.

    It is about time that the Band get the recognition it so greatly deserves! They have given us great music and performances for 40 years! Keep on Rockin……….I hope there is another album in the works! I check every week to see when the band will be back in NY!

  6. The Doobie Brothers music, performances and rock and roll talent have entertained us for 43 years and have created a lifetime of memories. It is all about the music and the amazing talent and fun created by this great band. They are in their fan’s hall of fame all over the world! Thanks for so much fun!

  7. Hell, it’s about time. Should have been in years ago. What about the Hall of Fame in Ohio??? Best band “live”. Loved your music in 72 and love it more now. Great musicians – never tire of your music. Keep it coming – hope you plan to do Jones Beach this year.

  8. As a “long time” fan and friend!! May I congratulate you on this honor and wish you all a Happy New Year!! There is no “genre” that encompasses the Doobie Brothers!! You have such a wide range of musical ability!!
    Just Remember to KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!

  9. i live in ohio and wont go to the rock hall of fame till the doobies get inducted.should have been one of the first inductees . how many bands still rocking after 40 years.doobie fans arise,and tell them to LISTEN TO THE MUSIC

  10. Long Live the Doobie Brothers !!

  11. When are you coming to BOSTON? Its been too long! Please come back soon.

  12. Now we need to get the band in the Rock and Roll of Fame this year!

  13. Long time fan from 1973 Have seen you at least 14 times over the last 3 5 years. Still one if the greatest bands still putting out a great show . My cover band plays three of your tunes currently and will be adding a fourth tune soon. Thank you for all the great songs and inspiration You are better than the RRHOF now !! Keep rocking and filling up the concert halls. The greatest rock and roll band on the planet !!!

  14. Ihave enjoyed Doobie Bros. music over 40 years. no other band plays as many diverse styles of music. can’t think of any band more deserving of induction into the R&R hall of fame than these musicians.

  15. When I went to the RRHOF in Cleveland and couldn’t find a tribute to my favorite band I was so disappointed, especially after covering the every exhibit there and seeing some of the groups and individuals who did make the mention who didn’t have a tenth of the skill and talent that the Doobies have. I’ve been Listenin to the Music and Rockin Down the Highway with The Doobies for a long time and can’t wait for Induction Day and hope to be there to celebrate with the band. Keep Rockin and Rollin!

  16. As a former top 40 dj of the seventies, not having the Doobies in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a travesty. I just saw there tour on tv and there just as good minus Michael McDonald. Some of the people in the Hall are a joke.

  17. Rocked US to high heaven, GREAT show tonight at Doheny Blues Festival, by the way!

    PS I’m looking for Kurt aka “The Deputy” ; ) Your not really a cop are ya? Should’ve never let go of your hand, handsome fella (after you “rocked me rocked me a little while”) but the hopped the fence to VIP and left me in the dust. Daring and bold move. High fives but I didn’t have the guts to follow. I couldn’t risk getting thrown out. Oh darn, the one that got away. So hot! X

  18. Oh wow! Lord have mercy! If anyone ever belonged anywhere? It would most definitely be “YOU” The Doobie Brothers, in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! Uh huh! Oh yeah! You got that right! You better believe it! Woo Hoooo! Way to go! Rock on! Rock it up! Rock me baby all night long! Keep on rockin down the highway! Big congratulations! Long time coming. You’ve paid your dues dearly with all the miles you’ve trod and the masses you’ve moved… Its a well deserved honor! God bless each and every one of you richly. Much success to you in all of your endeavors in music and otherwise. Thanks for being the soundtrack of our lives. (I remember walking home in the 6th grade with a childhood friend singing Blackwater all the way home. Haha!) And I’m an old broad now! Hahaha! When in hear you? Takes me right back… in instantly young again, full of hope and not a care in the world. Amen brothers. Brothers INDEED! Cheers toasts and tokes to ya! Now, how bout a star on Hollywood Boulevard?


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