Vote for The Doobie Brothers at Ultimate Classic Rock Hall Of Fame

Round One: Doobie Brothers vs. Electric Light Orchestra. Go vote for the Doobies here!


  1. Been voten’ everyday – saw Doobie Hollie post on one of your other pages that I am not a member of – Doobies were ahead now behind – I never paid too much attention to ELO but they are a good band (saw them @ Winterland ) so I don’t really get the tournament style voting but OK. Thank you

  2. Just for general purposes: In my opinion the “rrhof” ( refuse to cap. ) is irrelevant .

  3. Have seen them in person. My late husband’s band used to play their music in one of their sets.

  4. Been a fan since 1974. The Doobie Brothers are already in my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland can do whatever it wants, I’m sick and tired of waiting. Still listening and enjoying the Doobie Brothers!

  5. The rock hall in Cleveland is the ONLY thing legit with that bogus organization. Doobs are my favorite band They are versitile. That parameter alone should be the qualifier for any hall. I can pick 7 songs and all will have diverse flavor.

  6. I’m from Texas but my vote has to go to The Doobie Brothers! They have always been a favorite of mine and had several albums. Plus their 1974 album photo cover on “What Were Once Habits Are Now Vices” was the photo that inspired me to be a concert photographer. I caught their show Saturday night 3/29, the were fantastic and Ive got lots of photos to share! Took 350 photos! Great show!


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