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The Doobie Brothers Stop The Clock, InTheStudio

35th Anniversary Of Their 1978 Grammy Award Winning

‘Album Of The Year’ Minute By Minute

Interviews With Michael McDonald, Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, John Hartman

Dallas, TX – December 10, 2013.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  celebrate the Doobie Brothers 1978 Grammy winning ‘Album of the Year’ Minute By Minute with Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, John Hartman and former Doobie Michael McDonald.

The Doobie Brothers had already established themselves as a successful outfit with seven studio albums, an equal number of US tours, and plenty of hit records. But when health issues sidelined lead singer/guitarist Tom Johnston, band newbie Michael McDonald would step in, first on Takin’ It to the Streets in 1976, then with  Livin’ on the Fault Line. But it would be   Minute By Minute that would complete the transformation of the Doobie Brothers’ sound, establishing the piano-based soulful groove as a greater focal point and topping the national sales chart. Mere months before the Doobies

racked up four Grammy Awards including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for “What a Fool Believes”, many questioned this musical direction, including some execs at the Doobies dedicated record label Warner Brothers.  Guitarist/singer/songwriter and band co-founder Pat Simmons recalls to InTheStudio host Redbeard his feelings about the song “Minute By Minute”.

“I thought it was THE song off that record to go with…We had trouble with the (record) company, they didn’t want to release that song (as a single). So when I first heard it (on the radio) I said “See? I told you that song was going to get played!”… I really felt vindicated. The record companies think they know, and really no one knows.”

The Doobie Brothers ‘Minute By Minute’/ InTheStudio interview program is available now to STREAM HERE.

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  1. that was a fun interview … John Hartman … that was a surprise. Still love Livin on the fault line … thought that was a great record too!

  2. Great record (duh) ” Dependin’ On You ” was a treat this year. I think ” A Tribute To Moose ” would be cool – I know it can be hard to have pets when you are on the road so much but I would love to see some pictures of ” Doobie Dogs ” ( holiday? ) Thank you

  3. Love Minute By Minute, How come MBM does not get a 35th Anv. reissue. I can see a delux edition. Newly remastered, delux book with additional photos and liner notes. demos and alt. mixes from the MBM sessions if there is any unissued recordings as well from the MBM sessions. a second disc of a LIVE” concert from the MBM Tour. Why is it other bands get reissue treatments with bonus tracks and not the DB’s minus the box set, The Warner Bros. vaults must be filled with B Sides from DB’s sessions. Hopeful one day soon…Mike Sippie


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