Tom Johnston Reflects on ‘Listen to the Music’ at 40

Ultimate Classic Rock has conducted an interview with Tom Johnston, who reflects on the song “Listen to the Music” as it turns 40. Read the interview here.


  1. I attended your show at Starlight Theatre in KC a year ago……had orchestra pit seats. I agree…..the Doobies are a “world class act”. I’m what you would call and “old geezer”….just turned 70…..and the Beatles were always my favorite band…..but I have replaced them with the Doobies. Thanks for great music.


  2. I’m 60 years old and first saw the Doobie Brothers at the Hollywwod Paladium in 1973. I just saw them for the 32nd time last summer 2012 at Chumash Casino in Santa Inez. I’m been a fan for over forty years and feel very fortunate that my favorite band of all time is still cranking out music I grew up with. In the seventies I was a bass player and vocalist for a copy band that played local clubs in the Lancaster area of California and the majority of our songs were Doobie Brother songs. In fact, though I’m not an active musician today when I retire from the County of Los Angeles after 40 years of service this March of 2013 my coworkers have talked me into setting in with the band playing at my retirement party. What two songs will I do, why “Listen to the Music” & “China Grove” of course, the gratest songs ever written. Thank you for all the great music,

  3. I caught your show along with Chicago here in Indy last year. I must say your band rocked out just as it did when I first seen you in the 70s. I took two of my grandsons and they thought they were going to be bored. Well they both were up rocking just like the rest of us were. Thank you for putting out some of the best sounds ever and piece be with you all. To Tom- I am glad your heath returned and you came back to where you belonged.

  4. One of your biggest east coast fans! Been going to Doobies concerts for over 40 years and the music is the best. World Gone Crazy is vintage DB along with some new great musical exploration. Like one of the previous fan comments…… glad that Tom returned to the band and to Pat……thanks for keeping it all together for all of those years! We need to get into the Rock Hall of Fame! It is about time. Keep on rockin!

  5. Ok, Jeff Bridges has asked the question and now I think it is time to start a write in campaign that apparently helped Rush get it. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. We – Doob fans – need to take a page from that book. The Doobies should be in. This is nutty! Let me hear from you.

  6. Wow, 40 years of listening to the greatest rock band on the planet. Have enjoyed the ride. Live shows are better than ever. Can’t wait to “Rock on Down the Highway” while “I Listen to the Music” again in 2013.

  7. I met you Tom In Santa Fe Springs backstage when you guys played their. I told you I pushed the Black early albums with Fellin Down further…What a GREAT song.
    I”ve had two heart attacks,stage 3 Cancer, recently fell 40 feet and still going … Can’t wait to see you guys again If I can help it !!! Rock ON 35 Year Fan + Paul

  8. Loved the Doobies since college .For gosh sakes let’s get them in Hall Of Fame

  9. Have always been a fan of the Doobie music and finally got to see them at Rama in 2012, It rocked can’t wait to see you guys again Match 28, 2013, counting the days. Vocal Purity. I will be singing along with ya guys.

  10. the best……….play their music on my car radio……CD’s……and sing along…Love “Listen to the Music” and “Black Water”……..would love to hear you again with Micheal McDonald in concert.

  11. It was January 29 th 1976 at Western springs stadium in Auckland New Zealand . Tommy was not there unfortunately but from the first song ‘”jesus is just alright ” they rocked . It was one of the first concerts with Michael and I will never forget it . I was 16 years old . I am now 53 . Doobies rule .

  12. I was blown away the first time I heard the Captain and Me in 1973. Since then I have been a devout fan. You guys are by far one of the greatest rock acts to ever hit the stage. And in two months I’ll be headed to Salina Kansas to catch you in concert again. Thanks for keeping it together,and putting out one great album after another over the years. Keep it safe on tour and have a great 2013. See ya April 9th!


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