“Let The Music Play” Trailer on YouTube

As previously reported, Eagle Rock Entertainment, on November 13, 2012, will release Let The Music Play – The Story Of The Doobie Brothers on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Video [Pre-book Order Date October 19, MSRP $14.98 DVD, $19.98 Blu-ray, $12.99 Digital Video].

Check out the trailer below or on YouTube.


  1. I preordred a Bluray copy at Amazon, I got an e-mail that the issued date has been delyed by a week. Does this only effect amazon.com or all other retailers. Where is M.McD. in the trailer, he is suppose to be innerviewed. Please tell me you did not pull innerviews from the VH-1 BHTM?. How come only 7 live cuts, why not a second disc the with multiple Live footage, including 1987 reunion and 1983 Farewell footage not seen on the DVD. Doobies fans have been starving for a Live DVD/BR from the past. 1973-1987. Lets get more live DVD and CD’s out. Hoping Eagle Rock doesn’t drop the ball on this. Thanks, Mike

  2. Good luck with this one!! Hope 2 see u guys in South Africa whilst you’re still hot!
    Keep it up…
    James Clements

  3. I would hope that the Doobie Brothers would come back to Red Rocks Colorado and do a DVD blu-Ray concert, as I can guarantee you that the 12,000 fans that showed up on July 12th 2012 that listened and loved this amazing special group that’s still Rocking’ Down The Highway after 40 years, along with the many fans who are still talking about this amazing concert months later, would purchase this awesome show along with thousands more copies selling quickly around the world. A performance at the famed and most beautiful venue on the earth RED ROCKS, CO. Tommy and Patrick now you know that’s right. Come on back to Red Rocks, Colorado. and you know you had a good time too!! I’m always on the front row and I’m your #1 fan.Larry G. -Golden, Colorado.

  4. Rec’d my copy of the DVD today. One word: Superb! Thanks for putting it together.

  5. One of the best bands in my opinion!!! This music never gets old for me. I always sing “Old black water” when I’m at karaoke. I wish they would make more music and tour again.

  6. Got the DVD today and watched it this evening. Brilliant document of the band with great interviews, clips and a really nice touch to include family members. Loved it all – thanks guys.

    Now, please please come back to Europe again, 2010 was 2 years ago.

  7. Great job with “Let the Music Play!” It’s comprehensive, honest and I love how great performances from all the different eras are showcased. Thank you from a long time fan!

  8. Boy Oh Boy! Another documentary by the legendary Brothers of the The Sacred Three-Part Harmony and Double Drummer Medicine Show. You know you “just can’t stop it”. They are always up to something aren’t they? Let the Music Play provides a journalistic window pane for DB fans to peer into and get a good look at the history and talent of one of America’s most enduring and endearing bands.

  9. How will this top Wolf Trap? THE BEST LIVE recording EVER MADE!!
    Got my copy to see if anyway. Sure wish you’d come back to RED ROCKS, COLO., be TOP BILLING (behind not before Chicago), and play some deeper stuff i.e. from Wolf Trap. How about ‘Road Angel’ – I’ve never seen you play it except on YouTube when Tommy had long-ass locks. PLEASE hook up with someone other than Chicago in 2013. How ’bout Terrible Ted – he LOVES RROCKS! MV #1


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