“Let The Music Play” Worldwide Release Date Information

As previously reported, Let The Music Play – The Story of The Doobie Brothers is to be released by Eagle Rock Entertainment in the USA on Blu Ray and DVD November 13. However, many of you outside the US have asked when it will be released in your country. So, accordingly, here are the worldwide release dates:

  • US/Canada – 13 November
  • UK – 12th November
  • GAS – 9th November
  • France – 13th November
  • Italy – 13th November
  • Japan – 5th December
  • South America – December (TBA)
  • Hong Kong – 13th November
  • Australia – 16th November
  • Rest of Europe – 12th November


  1. South America…? where countries are going to play, come to Buenos Aires, Argentina ? we are waiting for! Big Hug! keep rocking !!!

  2. Please come back to Europe and Denmark – please!!!

  3. I have seen the Doobie Brothers three times this year. First at the Santa Cruz Blues Festival and also with Chicago in Scranton Pa. Last night in York Pa. The crowd was really into the music and the band always interacts well with the fans. I got to shake Pat Simmons hand last night at it was a pleasure to do so. Please come to Baltimore and perform.

  4. Saw the doobies three times this year. In Atlanta with Chicago and twice at the BR Cohn musical festival in Sonoma. Amazing performances, You can tell they love the live shows. I am going back to Sonoma next year. Thanks Doobies!!!!

  5. All I can say is that you guys made the Simpleman cruise worth EVERY PENNY! Thank you Patrick, Tommy, John, John, Ed, Guy, Tony and crew for the best vacation of my life! Love you guys!

  6. Oh and can’t forget Marc on sax! You blew our hair back!
    Go Tigers!

  7. Just received the DVD – Let the Music Pla.Is a must for any Doobie Brother fan or die hard to order to go back and relive the history of this amazing band. Having witnessed it since the beginning, and knowing so much about the history, watching Tom Johnston’s intensity from the evolution to the present was a real treat.Now after 1000′s of concerts and 40 years is no surprise as to how polished they are. I enjoy their music even more today than I did from the beginning. I also want to thank the band for not just sharing this DVD, but their kindness back to the superfans all these years. I have met all of you and taken photos with you which makes the journey that more special. On a final note, I met another superfan at the Oshkosh EAA a few years ago, and we were having a good time comparing best concerts (26to date) and favorite songs when I told him I named my Golden Retreiver -Ukiah…..he also had a Golden too also named Ukiah. I love my dog and love this band and its incredible music.

  8. Let the Music Play is really, beautifully produced. As a Doobie fan of many years, I anxiously awaitied the release of this DVD which did not disappoint. It’s a must for any serious fan. I love all the many incarnations of the Doobies and I’m a fan of Michael McDonald. The DVD confirmed the timeline of when Tommy was forced to leave the road and Michael joined the band. I saw the Doobies play Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens in September of 1975 with Michael McDonald on stage. The Grammies were still well ahead of the band.
    Beware of a DVD named Long Train Running! I can’t believe that the Doobies or Bruce Cohn would have authorized it’s release. It is poorly produced and patrs of it look like it was shot on someone’s I-phone.

  9. Long Train Running is not an authorized release. – admin

  10. Love all of u! Making wonderful touching lyrics and music!! Thank you-from the fullness of my heart!! <3

  11. Got the DVD this past weekend & really enjoyed it. I appreciate the honesty that everyone interviewed gave, as it allowed more insight into the convoluted history of my favorite band. The only thing that could have improved it is if any of the interview/vintage clips from “Behind The Music” or the first Doobies video history “Listen To The Music” from 1989 had been included, which could have offered even more persepctive. Also, with all the past band members participation, why wasn’t John Hartman or Willie Weeks interviewed? I can understand the lack of interviewing Chet McCracken given the issue with his having toured with a faux version of the band, but the two others could have been included. I did love the vintage concert clips, much of which I’d never seen before. Overall I’d give this video a 4.9 out of 5. Great stuff!!


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