BAM Magazine Posts Video Interviews with Tom Johnston, Michael McDonald

Check out BAM Magazine‘s video interviews with Tom Johnston and Michael McDonald below, filmed during the B.R. Cohn Fall Charity Music Festival.


  1. Please tour South Africa

  2. just watched the new dvd and it was fabulous as I knew it would be, the band that I have grown up with since the 70′s is getting better with age.

    Just brillent fab music fab band

    please please please come to the uk soon

    thanks again


  3. Just love the Doobs since I was probably 14 (when not a lot of people were listening to them that I knew of) and eventually got to see them in Dublin (Ireland) and had to pinch myself – actually seeing them!! UNBELIEVEABLE… They’re going now 40 years and have brought so much joy to people across the world, in all stages of their lives over those four decades…. you should be so proud guys of yourselves…and Michael McDonald saw him in London when I was living there for a while, what a guy, so unassuming and down to earth – what a contribution he made to the group, morphing/merging all your combined talents, like making a big cake – and boy is it so good to eat…!!


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