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Produced by Bruce R. Cohn, proprietor of B.R. Cohn Winery and long time manager of The Doobie Brothers, this special wine collection commemorates almost four decades of music from these legendary rock ‘n’ rollers.

The Doobie Red 15 bottle collector series spans five vintages (2002-2006), featuring three bottles of each. The wine bottles are uniquely labeled, each with one of the 15 Doobie Brothers’ album covers. This elegant red wine is produced from a special blend of premium Bordeaux varietals with exceptional rich flavors of black cherry and plum. Aging with premium French Oak adds to a smooth long finish.

Limited Release!
Only 384 collector cases have been produced. Each are individually numbered.

  • Doobie Red was produced in memory of Keith Knudsen, long time drummer for The Doobie Brothers from 1974-2005.
  • Thank you for your support. A portion of the proceeds from this wine are donated to Veteran and other Charitable Organizations, and we are unable to offer any discounts


  1. you know I saw miss lucy. parliment , rock on thanx

  2. Only lighted windows stare at the lonley stranger there returning home. thanx.

  3. When I recently found that my favorite band of all time had a wine named after them, I instantly had to order a couple bottles of “Doobie Red” and try it for myself. Well, yesterday upon my arrival home from work, I had a small case waiting for me on the kitchen counter top. Without wasting any time I extracted from that case two beautiful bottles of the long awaited fruit of the vine. My wife had prepared a wonderful dinner that begged for me to open that first bottle. Well, we were both pleasantly surprised. The B.R.Cohn winery had produced an excellent red that is well deserving of the Doobie Brothers label. I guess the fact that I’m ready to make another purchase (a case this time) says it all.

  4. You guys, with no doubt in my mind, are truly a historical part in all our lives. Thank you for continuing on.


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